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      Shanghai chip manufacturers
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      Company Overview

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      Contact: Mr. Li

      Mobile: 13817371428

      Landline: 021-69896133

      Website: www.krestovskiy.com

      Address: Qingpu District, Shanghai Green Pine Road 3562

      MAJA is an electronic technology service center mainly engaged in processing, assembling, testing, manufacturing and sales of electronic and electrical products. We are in Shanghai Nanxiang Hi-Tech Park, we have business, engineering, manufacturing, quality and other departments, adhere to the quality of leading, customer-oriented service principles. At present, we mainly SMT chip, COB binding, DIP plug-based processing. Now SMT production capacity of up to 2 million points, can cope from 0402,0603 CHIP components to 0.3mm pitch QFP, BGA and other components of the mount, with all kinds of basic electrical and electronic products from SMT chip to plug-in, Assembly, testing of integrated production capacity (such as: communications products, home appliances, office supplies, automotive electronics components, etc.). We will strictly enforce the quality assurance system, establish accountability practices and improve the management system, and constantly expand their business and dedicated service to the electronics manufacturers. We have a solid strength, reasonable prices, excellent service and a number of enterprises to establish a long-term relations of cooperation. We sincerely welcome friends from various circles to visit, study, business negotiations.


      Technology is the foundation of superior quality.

      Good quality can not do without good technical support.

      Honesty is the way to brand success.

      "Sincere Ericsson" is "MAJA" to create a successful brand of the road. Honesty is the basic guideline of all MAJA activities. "MAJA" has faith in friends, honesty to customers, "science and technology ensures quality, innovation drives development, and integrity weaves the future." "MAJA" upholds its firm belief and has pioneered a development path that suits its own characteristics. Recalling before thinking, we firmly believe that the future of "Shanghai Manchu Science and Technology" is bound to be filled with flowers and smiling Sunshine Avenue!

      Science and technology to protect the quality of innovation and promote the development of good faith weaving the future

      Phone:+86 21-69896133     A company site: Qingpu District, Shanghai Green Pine Road 3562

      Two companies: Anting Town, Shanghai Caoan Road 4514, Lane on the 3rd 

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