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      SMT stencil use and maintenance methods

      Date:2017-12-12 Author: Click:

      In the SMT chip reflow soldering, SMT steel mesh is an indispensable tool, the user in addition to concern about the use of steel, but also concerned about the service life of steel. The last Jingbang technicians also shared the SMT stencil production norms and precautions for everyone, today mainly for everyone to organize the introduction and use of SMT steel mesh maintenance methods, which can effectively extend the service life of steel.

       First, gently, to avoid collision

      In order to avoid damaging the SMT steel net, pay attention to using it gently in the process of using. Do not hit the steel net with hard objects or sharp knives.

      Second, to keep SMT steel net clean

      1, before use should be cleaned (wipe) stencil to remove the dirt carried during transport, to avoid affecting the use effect.

      2, stencil should be promptly cleaned after use, and back packing, placed in a dedicated shelf vertical. It should be noted that the board and the board should be isolated from each other (can foil), no stacking, mutual contact.

      3, for the steel net waiting to be cleaned, can not be placed, to avoid accidental damage.

      Third, the proper use of SMT steel

      1, solder paste or red plastic to stir, so as not to plug the steel mesh.

      2, the printing pressure is adjusted to the best, with a scraper just scraping the solder paste on the net (red plastic) when the pressure is good.

      3, scraper stroke is completed, if possible, it is best to stop 2 to 3 seconds and then stripping, SMT chip foundry and demoulding speed should not be too fast.

      Fourth, control the use of SMT stencil number

      In general, the number of SMT stencil use, up to 100,000 times, prohibit the use of steel over-life, over the life of the steel should be scrapped, the need for effective monitoring methods.

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